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Here you'll find many comedy free Flash files, flash animations and sounds to keep you amused for hours.

  Mario Splat
A sticky ending for Mario.

  Cool Illusion
Interactive. One of the most ingenious flash files I've seen.

  Happy Man
Irritating but highly addictive.

Interactive. Pot smokers who wants to be a millionaire.

  Virtual DJ
Interactive. I've played with this one far too many times.

  Go Granny
Always makes me laugh.

  Bubble Girl
Interactive. Another clever flash file.

The title doesn't lie.

  Bungee Jumping

  She Blocked Me
You've got to feel sorry for him.

  Girl Dance
Hope this doesn't get you too excited.

  Are You Gay
Only one way to find out....take the test.

  The Beer Song
If you love beer you might just like the song.

  Girl Gets Hit
Think she deserves this....I think so.

  Singing Frog
Silly but fun.

  The Singhsons
Originally from a half hour show.

  Super Fly
Ever seen a drunk fly.

  Winky Winky Song
Also have this one as a ringtone to download.

  African Tribal Peas
Stuck for words with this one.

  Be Happy
Don't you just love a happy ending.

  Doctor Evil Soundboard
Interactive. Everyone loves him.

Interactive. I find this quite addictive.

Clever but a vile animation.

  Sing With Homer Soundboard
Interactive. For all Homer Simpson fans.

  Sound Recorder
See what you think about this one.

  The Llama Song
Definitely very irritating.

  Billy Bang
Interactive. See if you can shoot him.

Interactive. The tune is quite catchy.

Interactive. See if you think this song is as annoying as I do.

Interactive. Can you complete this puzzle.

  Smiley Ass
Ever wondered what the back of a smiley looks like.

The whole film summed up in 30 seconds.

  Walking Bones
Interactive. Another quite clever flash file.