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Question: Really love your site but how do I download the wav files.

Answer: To download any of the wav files, ringtones or animated gifs on this site simply hover your mouse over the hyperlink, right click, save target as, to a suitable place on your computer.

Question: You have a great selection of mobile cell phone ringtones and videos but how do I get them on my phone.

Answer: I've had many unusual ringtones and videos over the years and soon got fed-up paying premium rates for them. A data cable is an inexpensive alternative. You can get one really cheap if you shop around or by visiting Ebay. 
Once armed with a cable you simply download what ringtones or videos you like, connect your phone via the cable to your PC then up-load to your phone. It's that simple! 
The other options are to link your phone to your PC via an infrared or bluetooth connection

Question: How come everything on your site is free, where's the catch.

Answer: No catch, everything is free, all wav, mp3 sounds, ringtones, videos and animated gifs on this site are totally free to download. Talkingwav.com is a non-profit making site. All we want our visitors to do is to enjoy their stay with us and to have a few laughs along the way. Though donations towards this sites high bandwidth are always very much appreciated.

Question: You offer to produce wav files for your visitors. If I supply you with what I want would it be possible to have an MP3 file instead.

Answer: Certainly, no problem. Just say what you want to hear and I will email it to you.
Though this site is relatively new I have produced over 200 sound requests for people already.

Question: Really great to find a website that has so much freebie stuff that I am interested in, keep up the good work. Have placed a link on my site to yours, hope this is okay.

Answer: Thanks for the comments....Always good to receive them. Also thanks for linking to us. If you're interested we offer people who own similar sites a link exchange, where you link to us and we link back. It makes sense that all related or similar sites are connected to make all our visitors lives much easier.