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Free Homer Simpson wav sound files to download. Everyone's favorite cartoon character. 

Homer 01 wav Size 12kb
Operator, give me the number for 911.

Homer 02 wav Size 3kb

Homer 03 wav Size 6kb

Homer 04 wav Size 5kb
Ah crap.

Homer 05 wav Size 7kb
That's a nice donut.

Homer 06 wav Size 6kb
Homer mumbling.

Homer 07 wav Size 7kb
I am gay.

Homer 08 wav Size 5kb
He he he.

Homer 09 wav Size 15kb
You want the truth, you want the truth...

Homer 10 wav Size 19kb
If you're going to get mad at me every time...

Homer 11 wav Size 6kb
Officer Homer.

Homer 12 wav Size 8kb
Erotic cake.

Homer 13 wav Size 13kb
Very severe talking, but you've got a butt that...

Homer 14 wav Size 8kb

Homer 15 wav Size 6kb
To hell with this.

Homer 16 wav Size 3kb
More mumbling.

Homer 17 wav Size 4kb

Homer 18 wav Size 8kb

Homer 19 wav Size 2kb

Homer 20 wav Size 8kb
My name is Mr Burns.

Homer 21 wav Size 7kb
Hey, if you don't like it go to Russia.

Homer 22 wav Size 6kb
I have misplaced my pants.

Homer 23 wav Size 10kb
I'd sell my soul for a donut.

Homer 24 wav Size 5kb
Homer laugh.

Homer 25 wav Size 7kb
The human wang is a beautiful thing.

Homer 26 wav Size 5kb
Peggy I'm cool.

Homer 27 wav Size 6kb

Homer 28 wav Size 4kb
Come on, I dare you.

Homer 29 wav Size 9kb
I have a feeling some bad stuff is about to go down.

Homer 30 wav Size 8kb
Some people say I look like Dan Aykroyd.

Homer 31 wav Size 6kb
You are gay.

Homer 32 wav Size 2kb

Homer 33 wav Size 16kb
Umm, can you repeat the part about the stuff...

Homer 34 wav Size 6kb
Someone broke the toilet.

Homer 35 wav Size 8kb
My God you're greasy.

Homer 36 wav Size 17kb
Alcohol is my way of life and I aim to keep it.

Homer 37 wav Size 3kb

Homer 38 wav Size 6kb
Do I dare live out the American dream.

Homer 39 wav Size 3kb

Homer 40 wav Size 8kb